supporting AI innovation

about is an independent AI research lab aimed at helping to crack the most fundamental challenges in AI. It was initiated and is led by Jörg Frohberg. He is a serial tec entrepreneur, investor and consultant who holds a masters degree in philosophy from Humboldt University and was visiting scholar at Rutgers University.


getting causal counterfactuals right

CRASS is the first project of It's aim is to create the decisive step to make causal and counterfactual reasoning of neural networks testable and have clear standards on how to judge counterfactual reasoning in AI in general.
visit: CRASS - GitHub and see our Paper accepted at LREC 2022

CRASS got accepted to be part of Google's and OpenAI's BIG-Bench which in turn is part of the broader effort to develop PaLM. Visit the blog post and see Google's inclusion of a CRASS

Big Science

The Big Science initiative is a research colaboration led by Hugging Face to develop an +100B parameter open source model and a large new data set. We contributed to the creation of the data set and helped draft the data provider framework and agreement.
visit: BigScience and Paper forthcoming